James Doohan
Wednesday, July 20, 2005

le rêve d’étoiles — the dream of stars
posted by High Power Rocketry @ Wednesday, July 20, 2005  
  • At 7/20/05, 8:12 PM, Blogger yotambien said…

    Hello from Asturias in Spain!, ive seen a comment of you in a blog i use to read, we can link each other of you want. Congratulations, great blog! see you!

  • At 7/20/05, 8:39 PM, Blogger R2K said…

    Hey let me take this chance, can everyone see my sidebar on the right side?

    If your computer res, or your fonts, are not like mine, you might not...

  • At 7/21/05, 12:52 AM, Blogger Shoujofan said…

    Nice photo! Thanks for the visit!

  • At 8/1/05, 2:31 PM, Blogger Roberto Shamasio said…

    props to a man who took 5 bullets for his country.

  • At 10/6/05, 9:38 AM, Blogger R2K said…


  • At 10/18/05, 10:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    crying shame about Jimmy Doohan. God Beamed You Up and Now You Rest Amongst the Stars.

  • At 5/21/06, 11:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

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