Some quake 3 noobs
Friday, October 27, 2006

These are some people I know from DOV, a DM server in Quake 3. Things would just not be the same without them. Indeed the game would be harder.

Muerte{RSQ}: This young player comes from central america. While his english is very limited, he is still able to say some relevant things about what it is like to be gay in Bolivia. "I will F**K you, some day, I am a man but I still will F**K you."
Dickweed: Dickweed dosnt speak much, he has yet to learn that ~ is a drop down menu. Using T to chat, he is able to grumble some comment now and then about cheaters on his cratering and suiciding way to the bottom of the list.
Chalie: This man is never short on words. From the deep deep deep south (Americas Taint), Chalie comes from a place and time where marrying your sister isnt just an option: its a good idea. Chalie is often torn between his hatred for "dem black folk" and "dem yankee queers", but he daily sings his love for a "little brown jug."

See all the stars (and some noobs) at the DOV server.
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