Phone Notify
Sunday, January 29, 2006
Ok this page here:Phone notify is a demo of some automatic calling system. I am not really clear on the use a company would have for this... But it is really good for us for fun and prank calls.
You can call any number in the country for free with this and it will read what you type with a computer voice. It allows the user to enter the number, enter the fake caller ID number, the voice type, and what the computer says. Because it is a bit complex to use, I want to make it more clear so you can all start to prank call right away with limited down time.
This is the link you want to use to make your calls. Here is a screen shot of how it should look.

Note that the caller ID is the same as the called number, save one number. Thats just how I do it, you should just keep the area code the same I think. Also you see the voice ID. Here is the chart of voices you can use:Voices I like the woman type voices. As one last tip, you can only make three calls an hour or something, but if you are 1337 like me, you have 5 ips to use so you can make many more than that.

Anyway, enjoy! I sure do... :)
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Computer just fixed!
Thursday, January 26, 2006
So my computer is pretty much better, a few tweaks to finish up later. But I just wanted to include you all in the process of fixing.

My three fiiine bitches... Ill let you guess which one got burnt, which one has no bios, and which one I will actually have to pay for (sorry comp usa and newegg).

And here you can see how im livin, or how I have been since my computer first broke early this month.

*Note the quake 3 cd ready if I need to boot my computer from it, because my computer runs on Quake 3 and not windows.*
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My computer got fried
Tuesday, January 24, 2006

My computer got damaged the other day. I turned it on afer some work, and started to smell burning. So I turn it off, and started to sniff around. This stud, left over from a previous MOBO, shorted out my new mobo and burnt it out. My ram and CPU seem fine, but I wont know until the new MOBO arrives. All for this tiny piece of metal (note the size as compared to my fingerprints).
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Ice Shotglasses
Sunday, January 22, 2006

This guy has lots of wild hacks you can do including make ice shotglasses. I would consider dipping them further in liquid nitrogen for a few min.
Ice Shotglasses
Also check out his main page for other ideas like how to make a dorm loft and your own ipod.
Elephant Staircase
Also, on a tangent, check out the giant jellys which have been swarming near Japan in record numbers recently.
Giant Jellys

Visit my other pages!
New York Bathrooms
Micro Images
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The Million Dollar Page
Friday, January 20, 2006

I'm sure you all know about this page, where a guy sells pixels (1 buck each, a total of $1 million). My goal is to click every link once to see them. There is even a scuba one in there. And while I cant go into details right now, I am working on a similar page. Only thing is, mine is 26 pages at 1600 by 24,000 rez. It has 1 billion pixels in it. Reg. Us. Pat. Off., sluts.

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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Since HnC might be going under, and is certainly not going to be in operation any time soon... I figured I would post some of the pages I look at other than HnC for similar content. Mostly videos. *Warning* There might be some porn related material on these pages, I cut out a piece of carboard that only has a small central box. This covers most of the page so I dont have to see the adds.

The Damn Blog



Thats about all I have right now, if you have more leave them in the comments.
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File Swap
Thursday, January 12, 2006

Cool webpage I found. You upload a file (image, video, mp3, something fairly small I guess) and then you get a random file back. You do get a lot of smile faces and such, but really fun idea I think. Try it out.

File Swap
Edit: I have some new swap type pages:
Sketchswap : The best!
Question Swap
Link Swap
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Who is Cedrik?
Monday, January 09, 2006
A man? A bot released into the internet by accident? The spirits of all the dead quake players from eastern europe (thousands of them)? An amalgam of all the bits of code leaked from poorly made servers and custom maps, a veritable ghost in the machine?


Cedrik is known as the greatest Q3 player, who never wins or plays. His strength is ultra nightmare, his ping is 999 (if the game could report higher pings, it would probably be between 2,400 and 15 minutes; thats right, he is already gone by the time you see him). Cedrik uses cadavre and cadavre clown skins. Cedrik is the king of the noobs, and is CEO of the POO clan. It is a free clan.

In many ways, cedrik has a winning strategy: watch and remember. When Quake 3 ends, around the year 2010, Cedrik will play one final game VS INDIANA JONES COOL. He will destroy everything. He will score points by destroying walls and parts of the map. He will own so badly, that the space time continuum will be embarrassed for us and have to look away.
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One Piece: the 80 gig torrent
Wednesday, January 04, 2006
This just might be the worlds largest bittorrent file.
Giant Torrent
And its all for this cartoon:
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