IDA - 59 Trimix Rebreather Project
Saturday, March 24, 2007

This diver purchased an old Soviet rebreather (scuba system that reuses air rather than just rely on a big tank) on eBay and shockingly was able to make it work. This is a fascinating project because of how dangerous and difficult such a project is.

"IDA-59 is a Russian fully closed circuit[see 2.1] trimix rebreather. The original purpose of the device is to be a submarine bail-out apparatus. Maximum operation depth is 300m (1000ft) according to the original manual. This requires an additional diluent cylinder, which is connected to the off-board diluent connector. Without this extra dil cylinder, the maximum operation depth is limited to about 90 m (300ft).

IDA is an acronym, which stands for Russian words (in non-cyrillic letters) individual'nyy dykhatel'nyy apparat (meaning "individual breathing apparatus" in English)."

IDA - 59 Trimix Rebreather Project

posted by High Power Rocketry @ Saturday, March 24, 2007  
  • At 3/24/07, 4:26 PM, Blogger Gyrobo said…

    It's amazing they lost the cold war.

  • At 3/24/07, 5:01 PM, Blogger DarkUFO said…

    Don't spam my blog again ok.

  • At 3/24/07, 6:49 PM, Anonymous Arjan said…

    what Gyrobo said. The Russians just didn't know how to spend their money.. they invented some darn smart things. Good they got out of Berlin though.

    I think DarkUFO doesn't appreciated a well meant smile ;)

  • At 3/24/07, 10:04 PM, Blogger R2K said…

    The guy has over 50 blogs btw. One smile comment in one out of 50 blogs cant be all that bad can it?

  • At 3/26/07, 3:36 AM, Blogger ShadowFalcon said…

    Ebay rocks! soon you'll be able to buy space rockets!

  • At 3/26/07, 4:49 AM, Anonymous Arjan said…

    smiles are evil hahaha.

    @ShadowFalcon: I once found a 2nd WO flamethrower on e-bay and about a month a go 2 guys in my city got arrested for selling/buying (one to the other ) a panzerfaust on a local version of e-bay.

  • At 3/26/07, 7:17 AM, Blogger R2K said…

    Really? I even got in trouble with ebay for trying to sell a basic radio shack scanner. They claim it could be used to listen in on cell phones which is total bull.

  • At 3/26/07, 7:23 AM, Anonymous Arjan said…

    jup. the flamethrower was E-bay.

    the panzerfaust was: http://www.marktplaats.nl (marketplace) a Dutch version of e-bay.

    maybe they've been told to check things better on e-bay (but probably to well ;) )

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