Free Diving
Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Free diving is going deep under water with a single breath. There are many different methods for competition, and as a result there are different record depths. It is certainly most obvious when crazy divers break records, but the majority of free diving is simply for sport, not for competition.

In the first video you see a free immersion record, in this the diver must not change his ballast (like drop weight for the return trip) but he can use a line to pull down and up. The song is Vide Cor Meum if you like it. I have it in my youtube favorites if you want to grab it on the quickness.

In the middle video, you have a no limits attempt (the most dangerous and imho the least impressive) that nearly results in the death of the diver. In no limits, a heavy sled takes the diver down and then lift bags filled with air return the diver very very quickly on the way back. But as you can see, if the sled fails a diver might be stuck in 75+ meters of water. That is very scary to me, and even when it does work I feel like no limits is taking the best parts of free diving (being free from the tons of gear found in scuba) out of the sport.

The last video shows free diving for fun. This incredible dive shows a passage under an arch at a reported depth of insane 60 meters. Hard to imagine what that must have been like... I suggest you all get a mask and snorkel, some fins, and try it for yourself. I generally work with 10 meters or less, so that gives you a good perspective on how deep these guys go.

BTW as this long post might indicate, I am going to return to the post skip two days post schedule at times (like my other pages). Not that I am running out of material, but I would rather do fewer good post than daily crap. Expect a solid two posts a week, maybe more when I get something I need to share.
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  • At 5/22/07, 8:49 PM, Blogger ltlmomma said…

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  • At 5/23/07, 4:03 AM, Anonymous arjan said…

    pearldivers are also mostly freedivers aren't they?

    cool video's.

  • At 5/23/07, 5:24 AM, Blogger Azer Mantessa said…

    wow, thx for this one. coincidently my son need this material for his school assignment.

  • At 5/23/07, 1:56 PM, Blogger R2K said…

    Yes pearl divers are some of the coolest free divers, other classical forms of free diving were for sponge collecting, and the always important use of divers during war. In many cultures, collecting food was also done by diving - in Japan there were groups of women who were (and some still remain I think) great shallow divers. They would make many long, shallow dives (under 60 feet) for food in ice cold water. I think they did it topless as well (?) which is just such a great thing. I cant forget spearfishing as well, which is as popular today as ever. In many places you can only use a spear-gun if you do NOT use scuba. As a way to limit the impact of the fishing.

    You can also just dive for fun. Real pros consider 100 feet or more a typical free dive, and that is insane. For people who mostly snorkel and dive a bit, like me, 30 feet is pretty deep!

  • At 5/24/07, 2:19 AM, Blogger thimscool said…

    I'm an expert pearl diver! Word up.

    60 feet of free style sounds as dangerous and meaningful as free-climbing... cheating death can provide more reliably pleasurable results with opium derivatives. Not as poetic, but as meaningful.

  • At 5/24/07, 7:30 AM, Blogger Deepak Gopi said…

    I liked the first and third one .First one is very brilliant.Pls dont take long break,once we take a little break then a feeling laziness to blog will naturally come (my case)
    Good day

  • At 5/24/07, 6:04 PM, Blogger R2K said…

    I am not really going to take a break per se, just reduce my post rate a bit.

    Thimscool, its not 60 feet its 60 meters. Thats about 190 feet brodel.

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