Water Art
Sunday, June 03, 2007

"I like to experiment. Highspeed photography, waterfigures, fast phenomenons, droplets, artistic colors etc. All this type captures need special techniques, flash light, fast detection like laser beams, sound triggers, contacts. The camera must stay in mirrorup position and wait to an external trigger event before the photo is taken. Because you need a dark room between the mirrorup en the trigger event I put a second external shutter before the standard lens. This shutter stay closed to the triggerpoint. Because this shutter act very fast, only 5 msec, most of the events can be captured. Faster events then 5 msec need a dark room like the shots on a bullet, balloons etc. This technique is reliable, so most of the shots are perfect. In this gallerie I will add regularly new experiments."

I think these are great. Micro time scales are often as interesting as microscope images. There are all these things that we miss because they are too small, or too fast (or sometimes too slow).
Check out the caption contest winner!
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