Time again for our regular Thursday Video Post! 33% explosion!
Wednesday, July 11, 2007

posted by High Power Rocketry @ Wednesday, July 11, 2007  
  • At 7/11/07, 6:42 PM, Blogger R2K said…

    Do you really think my page is much more better than yours?

  • At 7/11/07, 10:03 PM, Blogger thimscool said…


    Moore opened up a can of whoopass. Wolf is very adept at catching spears.

    Awesome vids.

  • At 7/12/07, 1:01 PM, Anonymous Arjan said…

    explosions rock!
    Didn't have the patience for listening to 10 minutes of Moore rambling on about how he 'told us so'.
    Last vid: did he impound(sp?) the car? Or carjack it...with a document as timebuyer..

  • At 7/12/07, 4:39 PM, Blogger R2K said…

    I think that guy is repo, I think the car is gone forever back to the dealer or the bank of loan depending on the reason for repo.

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