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Saturday, January 26, 2008

"A thetan who is completely rehabilitated and can do everything a thetan should do, such as move MEST and control others from a distance, or create his own universe; a person who is able to create his own universe or, living in the MEST universe is able to create illusions perceivable by others at will, to handle MEST universe objects without mechanical means and to have and feel no need of bodies or even the MEST universe to keep himself and his friends interested in existence."

"Facsimile One: the first proven-up, whole-track incident which, when audited out of a long series of people, was found to eradicate such things as asthma, sinus trouble, chronic chills and a host of other ills. It was originally laid down in this galaxy about one million years ago."

"This is where Ron gets down to the fundamentals of a thetan with his native state capabilities operating in, and in contest with, the physical universe. Here is his discovery of the one factor which exceeds existence itself. These are the laws of life stripped from the very fabric of the MEST universe and laid down for anyone who wants to regain his true beingness and the ability that is natively his....Scientology 8-8008 begins the road to higher states of existence."
posted by High Power Rocketry @ Saturday, January 26, 2008  
  • At 1/26/08, 10:57 PM, Blogger thimscool said…

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  • At 1/27/08, 4:54 AM, Blogger Arjan said…

    ..MEST universe..right I guess I don't know that much about scientology..but wtf is MEST.

    The arguments (as far as I listened) for Scientology sound like the arguments to just be a good person. I don't need some Alien deity for that ;)

  • At 1/27/08, 8:38 PM, Blogger R2K said…

    The adds have switched to scientology and crap.

  • At 1/27/08, 11:30 PM, Blogger thimscool said…

    It's an interesting art form, this blog, down to the ads.

  • At 1/29/08, 9:23 PM, Blogger Gyrobo said…

    I said the exact same thing at my high school graduation. And then later, at a wedding I crashed.

  • At 1/30/08, 6:33 PM, Blogger Woozie said…

    Yes! YES! Greatest video ever!

    I downloaded that when it was first leaked on YouTube when the *chans hacked Scientology dot org, turns out this is a part of some 40 minute ceremony for some dumb Scientologist Freedom Medal Tom Cruise was awarded. His acceptance speech is equally lulz-worthy.

  • At 1/31/08, 6:36 PM, Blogger MC said…

    Part of me thinks it is a scam though... the fact that in almost every case of something like this getting out, the Church buries whoever did it in litigation and paperwork, and this time... not so much.

    There is something not right here.

  • At 2/1/08, 10:39 AM, Blogger VIRTUAL ART said…

    :) :) :9

  • At 2/1/08, 10:39 AM, Blogger VIRTUAL ART said…

    :) :) :9

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