Stuck for 40 hours in a lift.
Thursday, April 17, 2008

"CCTV:Nicholas White was a thirty-four-year-old production manager at Business Week. He was working late on a special assignment and wanted a cigarette. He told a colleague that he’d be right back and, leaving his jacket behind, headed downstairs. Thus commenced the longest smoke break of Nicholas White’s life, a harrowing experience that began at around eleven o’clock on a Friday night in October, 1999.

The Business Week offices were located on the forty-third floor of the McGraw-Hill Building in mid-town Manhattan. When White finished his cigarette, he returned to the lobby, got into Car No. 30 and pressed the button marked 43. The car accelerated. It was an express elevator, with no stops below the thirty-ninth floor, and the building was deserted. But after a moment, White felt a jolt. The lights went out, immediately flashed on again and then the elevator stopped.

This happened in 1999 but this footage has only recently been made available."

Obviously this was a serious amount of time to spend in a small room. This man seemed to spend his time pacing, trying to get a way out, and sleeping. What would you do if stuck in an elevator for 40 hours? Comment your plan.
posted by High Power Rocketry @ Thursday, April 17, 2008  
  • At 4/18/08, 6:56 AM, Blogger Arjan said…

    wasn't there an emergency button?
    ánd he left his mobile at home? I think most business people had a mobile by then...

    I couldn't see clearly how far he got the door open, but it looked like wide enough to get through one time. Other plan..sleep..wait..go crazy and probably run in circles as much as he did.

  • At 4/20/08, 12:43 AM, Blogger K.C. said…

    How, where, when, did you get this footage. I will be sure and go straight to bed and have nice nightmares about that one. She can write a nice long screenplay about her 40 hours on that elevator. Nice one! R2K K.C.

  • At 4/20/08, 3:56 PM, Blogger Woozie said…

    Climb through that rooftop hatch, and climb the damn cables up to the nearest door if I have to.

  • At 4/20/08, 8:44 PM, Blogger Liquid said…

    I would plan my soon to be ex-husband's demise.....and because I am dramatic (by nature) I'd probably act it out....me playing both parts.....till rescued.

    yeah.......that's what I'd do.

    Pleasure to have found you!

  • At 4/23/08, 2:36 PM, Blogger Saur♥Kraut said…

    WOW. It's funny - this publisher was one of my dad's publisher's for many years. I haven't heard of McGraw Hill since then.

    ANYway... what would I do? I would try to get out, of course. Apparently this was one of those elevators that don't allow such a thing. How can that be legal? Shouldn't ALL elevator cars have a way of egress just in case there's an emergency of some kind?! I know they don't want the liability of someone climbing up a shaft, but what if the car had been on fire or something?!

    As for what I would have done in his shoes: I would've slept, tried to get someone's attention via the camera, and worked on a plot for a novel. I would've also called a lawyer the moment I got out.

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