A new strange add
Sunday, June 15, 2008

Yet again I find a really strange add while doing the usual warez - weather check. This strange robot contraption was just dancing around. What the hell is this thing supposed to be? And what does it have to do with insurance? Anyway, the dance was pretty nice, I have to admit... brings me back to my rave days when I would spend weeks snorting E in a K hole while on Meth.

I did a post previously about the aliens in the add I think, that one was pretty strange. But this is far far worse. Something about this dancing robot (described by a reader as "[A] decomposed [M]r potato head (sic)." Arjan 2008, pp. 1) reminds me of the kind of toy made in the late 70s - early 80s. Many of these can be found in my dentists office, from years before my birth. They hang over you in the chair, and smile at you from the waiting room. Here is an example:

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