Food in China
Monday, August 25, 2008
Some food from China. This was on Ebuams World, and the general idea was that it was gross. I may be the only one, but I find different foods interesting and always want to try new kinds. Not a single dish here sounds bad to me, I would like to try each one. Is it not a little strange how people can eat things like hotdogs - Americans eat nearly every part of the cow, pig, and chicken at some point - but hate the idea of eating dog, cat, or horse? An animal is an animal. I would never want to eat MY pet, but see no problem eating different things. Ive had rabbit, duck, quail, eel, snail, scorpion, cricket, and even drank a worm in a bottle. Somehow dog, cat, mouse, rat, horse... these things dont seem too strange anymore. Maybe people should have an open mind about experiences, rather than being so afraid of different things. Most Americans probably dont even eat fish if it isnt in stick form. Thanks Ebuams.

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