A Dream Date with Sarah Palin (The 'Cuda)
Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My Dream Date with Sarah Palin

Soon as I see our new VP, on national TV
I dial Sarah Palin, just to ask her out with me
And flipping her cute ponytail, she’ll readily agree!
(Hey, anything can happen, ‘specially in fantasy)

Our first date, ah, we’ll roast up books, over an open fire
S’mores melt as Harry Potter burns upon the Palin pyre
We’ll sit on baby polar bears she killed in ‘92
After asking (rhetorically), “Now, what would Jesus do?”

I’ve got a lot of sympathy for Palin, don’t know why
If she knew of my love she’d surely pop me in the eye
But something keeps me hoping that her words are all a lie
Perhaps the way her eyes glow as she shoots wolves from the sky?

Her family’s all-American – look there go Track and Trigg!
How dare Obama directly call her a lipstick-wearing pig!
Her children practice abstinence, their faith is never lost
“Immaculate conception, mom!” said Bristol, fingers crossed

With Palin in command, we’ll have God’s finger on the trigger
She’s never been to Europe, but ain’t Canada much bigger?
Our country mouse can hear Joe Biden waiting now to pounce
But she’s got fine worldvision; can see Russia from her house!

New mother of a baby and new mother of the nation
I look to VP Palin with a strange anticipation
She’ll rock us all to sleep and when we cuddle close and still
To sleeping ducks, she’ll sing the lullaby, “Drill, baby drill!”
posted by High Power Rocketry @ Tuesday, September 16, 2008  
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