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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Amazon has a system online that pays anyone who signs up (I have just to check it out) to do work for people who need temp work. Generally these fall under two groups: very tedious tasks, or scams. For the real non scam work, you may have to read through a long document, for example, and copy certain sections. For the scams, you are asked to search for a term on ebay or online and somehow this helps people. I didnt bother to figure it out, probably it works by increasing page ranks or something along those lines. Most jobs pay a terrible, very small amount, or if they do pay well they are hard to complete or would take weeks to do. Anyway, some people do it. How much you can make if you are dedicated?

I suspect that most people only earn what I get from google adsense: that is to say, a pittance apportioned out in monthly installments of 1/12th of a pittance.
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