Imma Compuuttaa: Stop all the downloading.
Friday, February 29, 2008
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Lindsay Lohan nude - well mostly naked (-w- boobs).
Sunday, February 24, 2008

She cant really act or sing, or drive without snorting a line of yayo, but is that really a big deal? Sorry to the women and children readers, but I have already set a precedent of porn blogging: 06-2007 Can the Olsen Twins be far behind?

"LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - They may be tasteless in many people's eyes, but Lindsay Lohan's nude photographs recreating a famous series of Marilyn Monroe taken shortly before she died in 1962 have paid off for the publisher.

Lohan posed for Bert Stern, the same photographer who pictured Monroe 46 years ago in what became known as "The Last Sitting", because six weeks later she died of a drugs overdose.

Wildly popular on the Internet, the new images have also proved controversial, with bloggers and columnists arguing they were inappropriate given Lohan's visits to rehab last year and the recent death of Heath Ledger from an accidental overdose.

Stern wanted to do the project with Lohan and approached New York magazine about publishing the photographs. The pictures have been so popular that the magazine's Web site crashed, receiving around 20 million daily page views on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

The average daily page view in January was 1.2 million.

"This is record daily traffic for us," said magazine spokeswoman Lauren Starke.

Forbes calculated that based on the magazine's published rate card, the extra traffic generated by the Lohan pictures on Monday and Tuesday would be worth over $500,000, although NYmag.com may have negotiated different rates."
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Thursday, February 21, 2008

A nice new hardware Ram drive card. Yes it runs on the SATA, so it isn't perfect (not running on the FSB or PCIX), but it is still very fast for many applications, and has a built in battery that lets you lose system power (meaning pulling the plug) for a few hours. It pulls power from the Mobo even when the computer is turned off, so that isn't an issue. Probably best of all, is the cost. For $500 you could get one with 4 gigs of ram. I wouldn't be shocked if the future of storage turns out to be ram drives anyway...

Ram Drive
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Trunk Boiz
Saturday, February 16, 2008

Probably the number 1 crew out there now. Tunk Boiz. Whats in dat trunk? R2Ks in dat drunk.
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Ammen from Pakistan
Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I found this image while doing media research.
Who is this gentleman? (I say gentleman, but perhaps he is a Persian prince, or more likely still an intellectual with a rapist wit...) Why does he have such a look of melancholy longing? Does he have super-human smell? I was able to get back to the profile page, but now it wont load. Coincidence?
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Capsicum - Burn baby Burn.
Saturday, February 09, 2008

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Funny add
Monday, February 04, 2008

I see this add often while not downloading warez. I found three aspects that suggest you will almost certainly get a virus if you click on it:

1.) Boobs - specifically huge fake boobs with significant side boob in profile. Further, said boobs are contained in a white shirt just begging to get sprayed with crissay or a hose.

2.) The biggest statement is "Safety is guaranteed!" You don't have to say that unless you are waiting to send out a virus.

3.) Free.

Can you find any? If you find any interesting adds, please email them to me.
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Great wind robots
Friday, February 01, 2008

"For the past fifteen years, Theo Jansen has been creating (growing?) "beach animals" made from commonly available tools like plastic tubing, cardboard boxes, plastic bottles, hose, tape, and all sorts of other stuff. Wired News did a pretty good article on Jansen earlier this year:- http://blog.wired.com/sterling/2005/1...

Jansen is evolving an entirely new line of animals: immense multi-legged walking critters designed to roam the Dutch coastline, feeding on gusts of wind. Over the years, successive generations of his creatures have evolved into increasingly complex animals that walk by flapping wings in response to the wind, discerning obstacles in their path through feelers and even hammering themselves into the sand on sensing an approaching storm.

It's hard to know where to begin in talking about what's so cool about Jansen's beach animals. They're evolved for one thing; he worked out the optimal 11-piece leg using evolutionary algorithms on a computer but now prefers to race his animals on the beach and "breed" the most successful ones together, taking the best bits from each to make their offspring better. His animals have legs, muscles (pneumatic pistons within the plastic tubing), stomachs (plastic bottles for storing air), and nerves (collections of on/off values that work pretty much like logic gates)."
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