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Monday, March 23, 2009
This is the word cloud for this web page: words listed in order of frequency. What a bunch of crap... why do you people read this?

R2K comments posted sink February gonna peeing hey time wild pee la people cnn dick chimp January good children story March turn water money live .hey hey. .gonna ride. .wild horses. it’s horses Google morning fucking home new ride check recession Obama sha kids .hey hey sha la la. bathroom sea girlie heart kind images Sunday years Wednesday debt job earth put day   arrested PSAs ‘her’ locations period male nature’s Katrina aforementioned political female mansion else's Oseas incident attack Tom lyrics garage Ninja laughing Markus located pass jetliner Enter accurate stealing exotic urge humanity Rub stability nasty thought investments relief offer tolerable Jones user Buddha practically Read salt relate movie. total unlimbered mind Sozey not--more looked healthy poop pinch Lots mood huge including car DS saves billionaire product complete blankets checks angst mortality Review estate hours tiniest “Man oblivious Permanente consume reflected stole Park hate $815 heavens fathe tame occasion Xanax washing interests semi-automatic Miraculously frozen multiple depict cumulative horrible gut deeper hairy Myspace Sleeprunning Approved comb sanitary drink television laying Sincerely moves Asphole inauguration Americans S.P parents tolerate urination crannies Leslie founded inauguration, Dec indescribably consumer Crunch permanently consciouses nailed comment ‘just dogs George restroom Matthias payouts steel Ramsey target dribble…christ committed Ervin night’s Will.i.am fellows sums sucked � open low-populated Heather’s Lyme Craigs area hope argument Fing conserve North antenna. Kanye exhortation Lunch criminal �And singing ‘little shoved fret wanted wont contingency post adulthood covers pot grape apparently fix commercial ‘green’ midriff world. measures Dat Shabooty Shut “It's Ladies bang response dreams Yea bedroom office ranting news worth tiny dollars garner artists staggering Pryor caught tallest Washburn simple rage. friend beach Green asked language aircraft deadly linked routine wasted seals Brad borrow ‘cause walkway lettin’ Airways ‘whipping LvL freaks Styles vacant assured Canada mugs wife expected haunt FDA phosphates shoot spin abused portaging basic sterile drive slightly empty saved drained growers causing Arctic mother honor craigslist rude I’ll abuse woke praying hose incredulous Source swimming sublimely Honestly lips unpleasant true users stretchy Butch hits costs responsible You’re Dear Graffiti Simon college attempts nouns watching endangering Frankly appears tumescence wrong walls policy terrible privacy Enjoy chimps asparagus Phronko Ironically hall mirror—mostly maps attached brand care instinctively peril ” minimizing Noushad Ponzi spoke sinkse—assuming feedback tenuous pipes dilemma rant them… Seagulowned station albeit art prevent PostingID connections understand foolish Lil collect cnn.com agony cost Bale unemployment passed biological splatter englishrussia.com Men happened out.’ starving Hallelujah fear scented training run � p-trap urgency ____________________________________ letting ionosphere hygiene tax oil strategize tacked cash Similarly prosecutor held Phantom Shay Comm work’ deck ivory conservatives impossible connecting added gypsy forum nerve Nick collector finally large couple suffer lungers downturn savior sense lose Communism urine browser annually attempt violent blah.5 luxury nation damage reach naive smokes films Velvet Antonio apply ‘less lingering scrubbing stones Light Ocean John present Bacolicious NickPan d'avant eeeit. �Trying wounded landed history grounded night groin discovery topless economic effort piece rest Off’ X-Men. rinse intellectual Dark image generation aware off-limits kitten sexy Birds maninvest plate record Iraq corporate commitment jewelry Garden” correct embryos York's violently St unhappy disinfectant angry BBC frothy cacophonous mile quiet task answering arrogant wee …like Disease quantitative FRESH serenade I’m savings PROCESSING irrational reaction Radio upstream gently hectic wondering shores Siberian yuckiness accident scheme Date complacent minds putting spewing insensitive entitled Jesus protect sink—as size filmed K2 Richard watering scam Castanza pretty side harmful meter stories telling fired lock sneaked sell summit evaluation Copyright dicks. mid-stream continue $500 hunter completely band lens lines homes Spears needed requires calculator innocent infinitely poster “what Shadow specifically army ‘Emergency shallow tonite paid “relationship communication messy NY expensive silence Tue paycheck wondrous solidified Maher wide America finger English minutes spirit flock sleeping box Lupoe A320 technique dried mantis attacked consequences absurd mortally Blog mentioned calls Caramaena Fantasy JonBenet lashed appreciation pt cartoons lessons ethical saccarine slapped valve safe head stock full sin ice greed daughter ‘more Strong MLK jerked exceptionally Wrap highest doubt dick…hard searching message hidden sadly noobs homeland drugged butter kisses beat loss squeeze brain things’ peanut untethered Central Kidz almighty… upset effect moved services allowed site dot breathtaking island heed sudden speech SCUBA Smith apartment community eagle Bill song envious Originally team issues Michael thousands primary promo worst Bacon picture combined blithe scene snow Piclopedia Afghanistan diminished fury
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