505 - Ghost Face Killa: All that I got is you
Tuesday, May 05, 2009

"Sometimes I look up at the stars and analyze the sky
And ask myself was I meant to be here... why?" - GFK
posted by High Power Rocketry @ Tuesday, May 05, 2009  
  • At 5/5/09, 8:56 PM, Anonymous CreamedCorn said…

    Ahhh those were the days. That blessed innocent time before that beastly swine flu invaded our lives.

  • At 5/6/09, 4:01 AM, Blogger Arjan said…

    hmm the entire track sounds like the outro of 2pac's picture me rollin' (textwise).

  • At 7/4/09, 5:43 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    still one of my favorite songs of all time! but you'd have to go through what he's talkin about to understand...

    **and you fools need to shut up about swine flu, the regular flu has killed way more people than the swine flu. do your research.

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