512 - "Novosibirsk Toy City"
Tuesday, May 12, 2009

"Those photos are made using tilt-shift technology. They always look fascinating making the normal objects look toyish. This time is Novosibirsk, Russia in toy-mode."

- From English Russia

"Tilt-shift photography refers to the use of camera movements on small- and medium format cameras; it usually requires the use of special lenses. "Tilt-shift" actually encompasses two different types of movements: rotation of the lens relative to the image plane, called tilt, and movement of the lens parallel to the image plane, called shift. Tilt is used to control the orientation of the plane of focus (PoF), and hence the part of an image that appears sharp; it makes use of the Scheimpflug principle. Shift is used to change the line of sight while avoiding the convergence of parallel lines, as when photographing tall buildings. In many cases, "tilt-shift photography" refers to the use of tilt and a large aperture to achieve a very shallow depth of field."

posted by High Power Rocketry @ Tuesday, May 12, 2009  
  • At 5/12/09, 11:40 PM, Blogger thimscool said…

    It's very effective. But why does it make the subject look toy like?

    Is it because tilt an shift are normal but especially important for close-up shots?

    Help me understand R2k! My mind is still reeling from the dopey after effects of the dreaded swine flu!

  • At 5/13/09, 4:14 AM, Blogger Arjan said…

    it seems this flu thing is transferring to thimscool :P

    But I agree, explain more. I've heard about this technique though. In the Netherlands we don't need it because near The Hague we've got an attraction park where everything is búild in toyformat with boats floating around, trains and cars driving etc.

  • At 5/13/09, 2:03 PM, Blogger R2K said…

    Well first of all read the wiki link :)

    I think basically the effect is that your depth of field is made artificially shallow.

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