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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

All too often, CNN provides a story of which to make fun, or about which to complain. This story is one in a long line of really dumb little online articles. I chose to get my news almost totally from TV or the Internet. But to be honest, the quality is really rather variable, and is often pretty bad.

"In an instant, waves go from majestic to monstrous." - Khadijah Rentas - CNN

People go to a rocky shore on The Ocean (the largest part of the surface of the Earth) to see large waves recently generated by a hurricane. While watching the giant waves, they are shocked that the giant waves were giant, and that two of the giant waves hit them with the power of... GIANT WAVES. This would be funny, but sadly a young child of only 7 died. Because parents let this child stand too close to.... GIANT WAVES.

To put it simply, here is how you can get a picture of the power in a dumping storm wave:

Think back to the biggest wave you have ever been in, or imagine what it is like to play in the ocean and body surf. Now imagine getting hit by a wave twice as big, and slammed into rocks. Now double that again. And double it again, for the largest storm waves one is likely to see. And there you have it. 15 or 20 foot waves are deadly serious.

'"It's kind of like a false sense of security, and then out of nowhere comes this monstrous wave that's like, holy moly," Wheeler said.'

When it comes to storms and waves and the ocean, any sense of security is probably false.

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