610 - Nice FAE (Fuel Air Explosive) explosion
Friday, September 18, 2009

For years this clip has been showing up on the military channel or discovery channel, finally it is online. This is a FAE explosive that detonates a small charge to spread the main charge across a volume of air. Once the mixture is pretty much right, the full charge is ignited. These bombs are very good at creating a powerful overpressure shock wave. These can also be called thermobaric weapons.

This next video shows what may be the largest conventional explosive weapon yet made, called FOAB (a play on the slightly smaller american MOAB, Mother Of All Bombs...)

"Russian thermobaric bomb
FOAB - Father of All Bombs

MOAB: Mass of explosive agent - 8200 KG, TNT Equivalent - 11 Tons, Guaranteed Destruction Radius - 150 meters.

FOAB: Mass of explosive agent - 7100 KG, TNT Equivalent - 44 Tons, Guaranteed Destruction Radius - 300 meters."
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  • At 9/19/09, 2:00 PM, Blogger Arjan said…

    no amount of ducking under a table is gonna help you when you're inside of that building.

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