628 - Pan-Starrs mega sky survey
Friday, October 02, 2009

"Image of the center of a $100 bill taken with camera TC3 in the laboratory. TC3 consists of a 4 x 4 array of OTA chips, each consisting of 64 individual OTCCDs, which show up as the small squares in this image. Each OTCCD is a 600 x 600 pixel array, so that the full image from TC3 contains 368,640,000 pixels. Each pixel on this jpeg image corresponds to about 1000 pixels in the image plane of TC3

The squares that are black correspond to non-working CCDs. The chips that will be used in the final gigapixel camera are expected to contain contain many fewer dead cells than these early experimental examples."

This will be an optical telescope system with an exceptionally large field of view, and a massive digital camera system. Combined, this will allow for a rapid and extensive sky survey to new magnitudes. The cameras will have 1.4 billion pixels. The results will include many new comets, asteroids, and I assume Kuiper Belt objects. In addition, some deep space objects will get attention like supernovae and variable stars.


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