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Monday, December 07, 2009

LED lights are the single best, most efficient source of light available today. Perhaps only second in line to OLEDs (a kind of LED anyway I presume), LEDs produce light in many different colors without producing much heat and thus without wasting much electricity. They are very energy efficient. Also, LEDs do not have the toxic chemicals and high manufacturing overhead (and disposal risks) of CFLs. CFLs may possibly be better than incandescents overall, but even that is debatable in my mind when the total cost from manufacturing to disposal is taken into account, but certainly they cant match LEDs. If you buy a LED bulb, odds are you will never have to replace it in your lifetime. Indeed buildings may just come with permanent LED fixtures that simply operate for the lifetime of the building, or nearly so. They may cost more than CFLs, but they save even more electricity and will not have to be purchased again.

I have participated in a link exchange with this LED light company:

Nice LED Lights
Also check out the about us page that has Latin text for some reason...

Check out some of their products, clearly LEDs have become more affordable and are as flexible and useful as ever.
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