794 - Homeless Xmass in Moscow
Monday, January 11, 2010

A free bath, laundry service, and food line were offered to those homeless who were not drunk, and who had helped out with shoveling snow. Free clothing was also given out. Many of these men are alcoholics and heroin addicts, from the look of things.

From English Russia, one of the most interesting reads on The Internet.

"They say that everyone is supposed to have their own piece of happiness on the New Year. But sad as it is there are lots of poor people anywhere that cannot afford to celebrate the holiday in a proper way. And good as it is, to the contrary there are lots of kind people that are striving to help their needy counterparts. A week ago, while many Muscovites were fast to do all their work on time, bums of the city of Moscow were busy as well. They were bound up in shoveling snow away to make the place where they had a feast clean on time and to manage to catch their piece of happiness on that bright day."
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  • At 1/12/10, 4:04 AM, Blogger Arjan said…

    I like the guys hair. Good thing that they were able to give these people something

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