803 - Worlds largest disco ball
Friday, January 15, 2010

"When the French conceptual artist Michel de Broin first spoke to his mates about producing the biggest disco ball the world had ever seen and suspending high above the night sky of Paris, surely they would have thought him a little nutso. True Michel's work does dabble in the absurd both in public and private spaces but a 7.5 metre disco ball featuring 1000 mirrors suspended by a freaking crane 50 metre into the air... I mean, really?

While many undoubtedly thought him a few stubbies short, Michel got the last laugh when his luminous, ginormous ball was suspended in the Jardin du Luxembourg during the Nuit Blanche event in Paris. The so called La Maîtresse de la Tour Eiffel when hit with spotlights from all over the city shot shards of light across Paris like a fairytale dream. Nice one Michel. Sure beats that dumb ass blimp that hovers over our city with that even dumber tv screen on it during that one day in September."

posted by High Power Rocketry @ Friday, January 15, 2010  
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