814 - Avatar sucks
Monday, January 18, 2010

After finally watching this film, for free god bless me, I confirmed exactly as expected...
that www.avatarsucks.com

Was it the worst film ever? Not at all. But for 300 million, with profits in the billions and with people getting suicidal over it, Avatar should have been better than just another shallow, white man bad, ethnic alien good film. Just like Titanic, this film was painfully shallow and simple. Good special effects cant fix that, not for me anyway. Also, for the record, the choice of unobtanium for the valuable mining product's name may have been cool to all of the middle school grads who flocked to this film in sweaty pizza mouth breathing numbers, but it was really corny to people who have used this word seriously and understand its meaning. Just dumb. The native american - Jamaican, jar jar binks race was really insulting. And obviously that brings us full circle to a very similar film with great special effects, and dead as a rock dialog: Phantom Menace. What a waste of money.

"Each tree has 10^4 connections to the trees around it. An there are 10^12 trees on Pandora. It's more connections than the human brain. Get it? It's a network."

The science in this film is painfully dumb, but good thing this film is not science fiction. It is like Star Wars; an action film with special effects and fake science. Big difference. Oh and for the record the human brain has quite a large number of connections, perhaps 10^15 which is close to the connections on all the trees of Pandora.

On the plus side, from time to time a drop of Jew or Roma would slip out of the avatar people, and I think they were speaking some kind of fruity Klingon dialect for a spell. That plus floating rocks.

What needs to happen is James Cameron needs to invest about 300 mill. into making this film:

Evony: All the boobs that's fit to boob.

Put that shit on Imax 3D...
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