818 - Avatards? Really?
Wednesday, January 20, 2010

"London, England (CNN) -- Obsessive, overenthusiastic, fanatical -- call them what you will. [D-bags? Sluts? Hemi-sexuals?]

They used to be the exception rather than the norm. But these days, devoted fan followings are cropping up with increasing frequency. [No, I think they just calved, just broke off of the Star Wars glacier to float the worlds oceans alone until melting.]

The latest embodiment of the die-hard fans that have emerged: "Avatards," the loyal followers of James Cameron's wildly popular 3D science fiction film "Avatar." - CNN

Now if CNN just got the story, it must be several months old. Normally R2K would be fully up to date on any media or technology topics, but I simply can't read about Avatar.

So in conclusion...

Avatards, really? How about avatarians or better yet, Pandorans? Avatar in a vacuum would be a decent film, passing grades for action. But in this jerkoff frenzy of fans and money and merch, it just can't hold up.
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