A comment on the Capitol Skyline Hotel
Friday, October 01, 2010
Doing some research on a hotel at which I will stay later in the month, author Anon.

"My colleague and I checked into the Capitol Skyline on a Saturday evening about 9 PM following a rehearsal for a concert at the National Gallery to take place the following day. The conductor insisted very strongly that I not drive back home and return the day of the concert. "I want to be sure that you get a good night's sleep!" We had traveled from NYC in the morning and rehearsed in the early evening and were tired and hungry. The initial appearance of the hotel was fine--modern, spotless, and quiet.There are no restaurants in the vicinity except McDonald's. The hotel had a restaurant open until 10 PM. Perfect. I parked the Jeep while my colleague checked into his room and went to the restaurant to get us a table. I checked into my room which was perfect in every way. Except, there was a lot of partying noise coming from the room next door. I needed to get to the restaurant before they closed so I just assumed the noise would abate by the time I returned. Upon walking to the elevator I passed a prostitute (unmistakable) carrying a glass of some dark liquor. Hmm. Anyway, the service in the restaurant was polite but impossibly slow, and there were only a few people in there. It took nearly 20 minutes just to get menus and water.

Meanwhile, some fellows from the "hood" came in with their own large bottle of vodka and proceeded to just sit down and drink. Eventually we ordered and received our dinners--small portions but adequately prepared. By now it was 11 PM and we decided to turn in. The party was still going strong next to my room. I phoned my wife and actually had a hard time hearing her because of the noise coming from the other room. After I finished speaking with my wife, I phoned the desk and asked for another room. I explained that I had a performance the next day and I needed to be able to rest. The desk informed me that there were no rooms available. Strange, it was a large hotel. I continued to insist and was told they would do what they could. I read for another 30 minutes or so and soon the party next door seemed to end. Great. I called the desk to say that I no longer requested a room change and they acted like I had never asked for a change in the first place. At that point I was a bit hungry and took the elevator to the vending machines and bought some chips. When I got back onto the elevator, there were 5 or 6 conservatively bu elegantly dressed black ladies on it. They looked like they were a choir from a Southern Baptist church. In describing them this way I certainly mean no malice. To me they looked great and when you hear what we then came upon, you'll understand. The elevator proceeded up 1 floor to the lobby. The doors opened and there stood 2 male prostitutes wearing nearly nothing, tatooed from head to foot and wearing long colored feather head dresses! Mind you, this is the Lobby! I looked at the ladies in the elevator and they looked at me and we all said at the same time "Nope!' and the doors closed.

Ok, at least it was quiet when I returned to my room so I was able to get to sleep. About 1:30 AM I was awakened to incredibly loud noises coming from the hallway. It was a huge brawl. People were swearing, screaming at the top of their lungs, and the walls actually shook from them slamming people around. I called the desk to report this violence and heard them yell to someone else to send Security to my floor as well as the one above. This din went on for at least a half hour and finally dissipated.

The next morning I asked my colleague if he had heard all of this. Of course he had, and he had even more to report. My room had faced the back while his faced the street. It seemed that during this melee, 47, yes he counted 47 police cars arrived plus a paddy wagon plus 2 ambulances. He saw people coming out in handcuffs and 2 women strapped to the ambulance gurneys. They were actually still fighting and gesturing to each other as well as to the ambulance people.

I swear this is all true. You couldn't make it up. So much for that good night's sleep."

posted by High Power Rocketry @ Friday, October 01, 2010  
  • At 10/2/10, 4:16 AM, Blogger Arjan said…

    bring your own booze, prostitutes available for any taste and some violent entertainment, sounds like a #1 choice :)

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