Florida School Board Shooting
Wednesday, December 15, 2010

"If I was killed, I knew where I was going to end up," he said. "But it's a miracle. There's no other excuse for it. God blocked those bullets."

Seriously why are religious nuts always the ones on school boards deciding what children are going to learn? Husfelt survived because the gunman had poor aim, was distraught, and because a guard saved his life and shot the gunman. What a dick move to shift the praise directly to God and away from the people who saved him. Like the football player who thanks Jesus for letting him win. As if Jesus picked his side over the other team and let him (who trained 6 hours a day, 6 days a week, for years) win this game by a few points.

And it could not be a story without that smug (but oh so typical) christian line "I knew where I was going to end up." Husfelt had a pretty scared look on his face once the shooting started. If he is going to eternal paradise in heaven, why beg for your life? The doubt (great film, on a similar topic) eats at the insides of many who claim to be true believers. And it often results in destructive behavior. Remember the dozen or so closet homosexuals who were preachers or conservative politicians but wound up getting caught touching legs in bathroom stalls? Well rest assured that the next dozen are on the way, trying to inject religion into our lives and our schools. That is when they are not doing meth with a gay stripper.

I am glad they are still alive, and that fat gunman got exactly what he had coming to him, but I am left with even more concern about who is running our rural schools. It is no wonder that creationism is slipped in from time to time in the "little brown jug" states like Kansas or Texas.

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