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Saturday, January 01, 2011

As a scientist and educator, I frequently find myself using internet resources. This is not just for research or my personal edification, however. I often provide such resources to students and learners. Online, one can find a spectrum of webpages from formal graduate courses all the way to general information pages like Wikipedia. I would like to share a page that serves as an excellent hub to help online learners find schools and other resources that they may need. Click below for more information:


Online schools, as the name suggests, offers information about many online programs. But equally important, the web page also offers free education materials. As a scientist first, I consider it a basic human right to have access to free information. Libraries may have played this role in the past, but we now also have internet resources such as this to augment traditional sources. The internet will never close, and does not require leaving the home or office.

Here are a few sample pages from http://www.onlineschools.org/ that are relevant to astronomy and space exploration:

Lunar eclipse
15 shocking space facts (good for a novice student.)
Beginners guide to black holes

The mission statement of this webpage speaks for itself:

"We also support engaging in alternative forms of education utilizing the latest technologies and techniques. So we have created our own free “Online University” for self-learners, comprised of 11 Online Schools. It is not a traditional university in which students apply for admission and earn a degree. But rather, the goal of our university is to serve as a spring board for leaping into the world of self-learning through digital media."
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