Pensacola Christian College
Sunday, January 02, 2011

"PCC is open about its strict policies regarding student conduct. The school sends a booklet to students before they arrive every year, titled "Things To Know Before You Arrive." The basics of the school's policies and philosophies are laid out for students and parents to review before traveling to the school.

The college maintains, "attendance at PCC is a privilege not a right." This phrase is printed in all of PCC's administration and registration publications including course catalogs, student handbooks, and information sent out to prospective students regarding attendance at PCC.
Regulations govern many aspects of the residence hall students' lives, including dress, hairstyles, cleanliness of residence hall rooms, styles of music (PCC only permits its students to listen to classical music, traditional Christian music or Sacred music), borrowing, off-campus employment, and internet access.

PCC also has strict policies regarding mixed-gender interaction. Physical contact between members of the opposite sex is only permitted under very limited circumstances. Written permission of the dean’s office must be procured for all off-campus meetings between members of the opposite sex. In addition, all mixed-gender meetings (on and off-campus), must have a PCC chaperone present.[7] Most stairwells and elevators on campus are segregated by gender. In the absence of being able to have physical contact, a fad has developed among dating students on campus where couples stare deeply into each other’s eyes. This practice by students is variously called "eye kissing", or "optical intercourse" and is jokingly called "making eye babies."[7] However, this activity is discouraged by the administration.

Other violations of PCC policy include the use of language considered profane or foul by the college administration, visiting movie theaters, patronizing unauthorized area businesses, being off campus after hours and being in another residence hall room after hours. Additionally, being in a residence hall belonging to a member of the opposite sex, the use of alcohol, or tobacco products, gambling, possession or use of pornography, engaging in any form of pre-marital sexual activity or any other actions considered by the college to be immoral, and engaging in social activities with members of the opposite sex as a group while off campus can result in immediate dismissal. The administration of PCC also reviews any reports brought to their attention of students behaving in a manner unbecoming of PCC ideals who are at home or away on school breaks while enrolled at the college.[13]"

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